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More About Us

Fashion Meets Public Services

Here at First Responders Studios our way of business is not exactly like others. I honestly wouldn't even call us a business. We are more of a community project run by a bunch of no good high school kids. But yet, that is what makes this project so special. See, we don't really make any profit we only charge what it costs to make our products and ship them and what it costs some of the products we share from other businesses to do the same. So why do what we do? Why made FR Studios? Because of the challenges and the will to do better. Big visions for someone who is not even an adult. We just make barely enough to keep the website up, and what is left is given back to the community and to first responders. So we are just teens out to not make money but to do our part to support the people who support us. With that said we hope you find our products extremely well made!

Sincerely, Liam Eichelberger (FOUNDER) 

Image by Connor Betts

Our Team.

We are glad you want to learn more about us! Below shows the First Responders Studios Team with their roles as well!

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